multicolored button that reads 'Take Me Back'
distorted image of a woman with blue pants and a shirt
old iMac G4
Flyer with a drid pattern that reads 'PULSE - HOUSE - ACID - TECHNO - 1999'
Promo poster for the movie Lolita by Kubrick with a stencil of a woman with glasses repeated 4 times
photo of Bjork with a red shirt looking up and with flowers in the background
Pixel drawn gif of a poster with an owl blinking and the text 'The Owls Are Not What They Seem'
Gif of a rainbow
Pixel drawn gif of a monsters hand holding a floppy disk
Gif of square borders changing colors
Old flyer of the band The Butthole Surfers with the face of man doing a funny face and several band names painted around
button that reads HD
button with a danger symbol that reads HEAVY
gif a Bart Simpson from the simpsons made in 3D with his legs separated from his body spiinng around
glitch gif
Gettin’ Jiggy
Gettin’ Jiggy