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Interesting sites:

Visual artists:

Booooooom: One of the largest art platforms of the Internet. Amazing place to discover new artists.

Elizaveta Porodina: Outstanding visual artist.

Gary Card: Very cool set designer.

George Manta: Visual designer, mostly band posters.

Hallogallo: Chicago-based Zine dedicated to DIY and experimental music/design.
They have great interviews with Mac DeMarco and Alan Jenkins.

Laura Woolf: An excellent still life stylist.

Max Löffler: Amazing illustrator and graphic designer.

Ryan Jenq: Great photographer.


ASCIICKER: A 3D game rendered in 2D made only with text. Use Q and E to rotate the camera.

Piero Scaruffi's knowledge base: Greatest site of the Internet.

Privacy Tools: Provides knowledge, encryption, and software recommendations to protect you against global mass surveillance.

Spyware Watchdog: The goal of this website is to classify spyware programs, so that users can be more aware that they are installing spyware.

The McKenzie Tapes: A collection of live audio recordings from some of the New York City-area’s most prominent music venues of the 1980s and 1990s.

THX | Deep Note: It is the deeply resonant chord that plays at the start of any THX Certified performance.

Which Book?: Search for books by mood, emotion, character, and plot rather than title or author.

World's Largest Photo of New York City: High-resolution panorama shot of New York that has to be seen to be believed.

Webamp: Winamp 2 in your browser.

YouTube channels:


Mike's Archive: Channel primarily dedicated to live music related to the PNW from the 1980's and 1990's. You will find videos of Sleater-Kinney, Richard Hell, Nirvana, Bikini Kill, Devo, and a lot more.

ScottishTeeVee: Amazing channel created by a music video collector who, starting in 1983, started exchanging tapes all over the world. On his channel you will find interviews and live music videos of Nirvana, STP, Lou Reed, and a lot more.

World Rockumentary Channel™: A music and skateboarding film archive, produced from 1988 thru 2005, in Los Angeles by Rock n Roll video journalist, skateboarder and Director Richard Alan White.


Benny Productions: On this channel you'll see all kinds of content surrounding Photoshop. For example “Editing YOUR Photos in Photoshop”, “Photoshopping YOUR Drawings!” and “Making POKÉMON Realistic in Photoshop!”.


Cam Forrester: Independent UK artist & multi-instrumentalist. Niche documentaries, insightful tutorials and eclectic original music. Cam has an hour long video on Moe Tucker's drumming style, and various tutorials on how to play Velvet songs.

CC Karaoke: An amazing channel for when you are looking for instrumental versions of your favorite songs. The channel owner uploads all instrumental versions in this MEGA folder. At the end of this Newsletter, you can read about how two previously unheard songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers were made available thanks to this channel.

FunWithGuru: Videos aimed at showing you what's hidden in the cracks and crevices of your favourite video games and movies.

ixi music: An ambient IDM producer who breaks down the music theory behind (mostly) Nine Inch Nails songs, and does piano reinterpretations of his favorite songs. She has a 14-minute video analyzing NIN's March of the Pigs, a 48-minute analysis/breakdown of NIN's Closer, and a 27-minute video analyzing Massive Attack's Teardrop.

Len Enders: Starting in the 80s, around age 15, Len (somewhat obsessively) began documenting his life and surroundings with photos, audio recordings and rented or borrowed VHS camcorders. He has a 20-minute video documenting a day in his life back in the '80s, and a 23-minute video showing his high school binder.

Posy: A channel about everything and nothing.

Professor Skye's Record Review: A French professor who reviews music albums.

RarestRecords: Rare prog/psych/folk/glam music (mainly from the 1960s -70's). Complete albums with photos of their artwork and obscure band photos, plus some unreleased recordings.

Rare Music #2: A variety of rare records ready for you to listen to.

Tutorials / Tips:

Chris Titus Tech: An ex-IT director who quit his job to share the skills that he acquired over 20 years. He has developed an amazing tool for Windows that's meant to streamline installs, debloat with tweaks, troubleshoot with config, and fix Windows updates. He also uploads videos about creating custom ISOs, RSS and Shell commands.

HillierSmith: Break down videos on what makes good editing, pulling back the curtain on how editors make the choices to keep the audience engaged. His roster of clients includes Logan Paul, Sam & Colby, and many more that he's not allowed to talk about just yet.

In The Mix: In The Mix is all about simplifying the recording, production, mixing and mastering process. No matter which DAW you use or what equipment you have, I'm determined to help you succeed and unlock your creativity.

Made on Tape: A channel that explores the limitations in music production, preserves and shares music-making techniques.

PiXimperfect: A free resource for learning Photoshop and Lightroom.

Sol State: Amazing music production tips. Expect videos on both the creative and technical parts of music production.

Taran Van Hemert: Tutorials about editing videos. Taran has a two-hour video on how to use AutoHotKeys, a one-and-a-half hour video on how to mix different frame rates, and the “world's most advanced video editing tutorial”, which is four hours long. He also worked for Linus Media Group for 8 years.


r/opendirectories: Unprotected directories of pics, vids, music, software and otherwise interesting files. A fex examples of the content that you would find here: 25GB+ of high-quality sound effects, a collection of Jodorowsky/Moebius graphic-novels, a collection of ~11K fonts, and over 100 High-Resolution movie posters.

r/DataHoarder: A sub that aims at bringing data hoarders together to share their passion with like minded people. A fex examples of the content that you would find here: Anna’s Archive: Search engine of shadow libraries, an app that scans every social media network for your username, and every issue of Nintendo Power, #001 through #285.

Want more?

If you are looking for more sites, I'll strongly suggest you to check r/InternetIsBeautiful, they have lots of cool sites!