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Santiago Herrera

Welcome to my corner of the internet

GIF of an old computer drawn in pixel art, made from an isometric point of view.


Art Made By Me A compilation of songs, images and other things that I like to make.

My Favorite Lyrics 16 lyrics that I love. Most of them have comments attached.

My Favorite Albums By Year

Interesting Sites Some sites that I found useful, and others sites to browse if you're bored.

Private For opening folders and apps, use double-click. You can play music on Spotify and scroll through the Instagram app.

You can also read about other of my favorite things (such as comics, films, etc.) on my About page.

gif of two small black dots with eyes, legs and arms carrying charcoal on their heads


03/16/2022 updated private page:

  • Added new Instagram Posts
  • Added a bunch of songs to the Spotify.exe
  • You can now change the Wallpaper. It features differents designs depending if you are on Desktop or Mobile
  • You can now play the games 'Earthworm Jim 2' and 'Prehistorik 2'
  • Updated the Dr. Watson database for a better experience

03/09/2022 updated art page: added new posters designs, photos, and more

03/09/2022 updated favorite albums page:

  • Various artists: Ocean Child: Songs of Yoko Ono (2022)
  • Nala Sinephro: Space 1.8 (2021)
  • Voka Gentle: WRITHING! (2021)
  • Cassandra Jenkins: An Overview on Phenomenal Nature (2021)
  • Self Esteem: Prioritise Pleasure (2021)
  • toe: New Sentimentality (2006)

09/30/21 updated 'Private' page:
I added new songs, photos, Instagram posts, and a video. I also removed the password protection, so what are you waiting to enter? Hurry before I change my mind!

08/20/21 updated favorite albums year by year page:
Analord Series by AFX, Dear God, I Hate Myself by Xiu Xiu and Is This It by The Strokes

08/20/21 added new poster design:
Depeche Mode: Songs of Faith and Devotion

07/17/21 new blog entry:
Born on a Train cover on YouTube!

07/02/21 new blog entry:
Original song "Smell of Rain" on YouTube

06/30/21 new blog entry:
"Born on a Train" demo preview

06/29/21 updated favorite albums

06/28/21 updated favorite albums

06/26/21 new blog entry:
New song "The Way"

06/26/21 updated art made by me

06/25/21 new blog entry:
New demo-track "Winter" on YouTube!