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Song of the day #192 [July 10, 2024]

Ace Frehley - Snow Blind

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Art Made By Me A compilation of songs, images and other things that I like to make.

My Favorite Lyrics 16 lyrics that I love. Most of them have comments attached.

My Favorite Albums By Year

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2024-01-12 new flyer (Fan Ho) added to the art page.

2024-01-09 the sites page was updated with lots of new YouTube channels and new categories.

2024-01-08 updated about page with a new section for photographers

2024-01-04 updated art page:

  • 3 new flyers
  • Julie On Winter: Blue Blankets album cover
  • 2 new websites on Web Design

2024-01-01 a new "Song of the Day" section was added to the home page.

2023-12-31 new blog entry: My Favorite Movies From 2023

2023-12-31 new blog entry: My Favorite Albums From 2023

2023-11-19 new blog entry: My Favorite Films From the 38th Mar del Plata International Film Festival

2023-09-22 new links added to the sites section.

2023-01-01 Updated various pages:

  • Added my favorite albums of 2023 to the albums page.
  • Added the Hallogallo Zine site to the sites page.
  • Created a new updates page.

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