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Posted on Nov. 19, 2023 - My Favorite Films From the 38th Mar del Plata International Film Festival

A list of my top 8 films from the 38th Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

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December 31, 2022 - My favorite albums from 2022

Here is a list of my top albums of 2022, plus some honorable mentions of other albums that I really liked. All of these albums are listed in chronological order, and they all have links to stream them on Apple Music, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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December 30, 2022 - My favorite movies from 2022

A list of my top 4 movies of 2022, plus 2 music documentaries.

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December 01, 2022 - My favorite shows from 2022

In here you'll find 6 shows that their first season premiered this year, 5 shows that already have at least one season available, and 3 limited series.

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November 20, 2022 - Interview with Stephin Merritt

Last week I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing Stephin Merritt, the mastermind behind The Magnetic Fields, The 6ths, The Gothic Archies, and the Future Bible Heroes.

You can read/watch the full interview here.

July 17, 2021 - Born on a Train cover on YouTube!

You can now go listen to my new cover of Born on a Train (by The Magnetic Fields) on YouTube!
For this cover, I only recorded guitars and vocals, and programmed the rest in FL Studio.

Also, I would like to send out a big thanks to Gubos for helping me tune the vocals, and Julie for lending me her acoustic guitar ♡

Listen to my Born on a Train cover.

July 02, 2021 - New original song "Smell of Rain" on YouTube

As the title says, the demo-song it's called Smell of Rain and it was made around December 2019–January 2021.

I really don't known what to say about this song, so I won't say anything.


June 30, 2021 - "Born on a Train" by The Magnetic Fields [demo-cover]

Since these weeks I had a little more free time, I decided to start recording a cover of Born on a Train by The Magnetic Fields, and I thought about sharing a small preview for you, my only reader ♡

I'm still working on the drums, guitars and vocals, (and hopefully it will be finished by next week), but you can listen to a strip-down demo here:

June 26, 2021 - New song "The Way" + video!

The Baithouse Music YouTube channel (which I'm part of) have uploaded my latest demo-song The Way with a nice video edited by me (footage courtesy of A/V Geeks |

I wrote and recorded the song in July 2019, but about a week ago I pretty much re-recorded everything (except some backing vocals) and wrote little arrangements for the synths, plus I improved the mix a bit.

Also, I'm not really a singer, so in most of my demo-songs you will hear my voice going flat on various parts, but we’re just gonna ignore that ^^

You can check the new video here.

June 25, 2021 - New demo-track "Winter" on YouTube!

This was originally a jam that I recorded back in 2019 on my Fostex 4-track. If I remember correctly, I was listening to a lot of The Lonesome Crowded West by Modest Mouse. I was so inspired by Isaac's guitar playing that I wanted to record a guitar riff with lots of natural harmonics on it; so I recorded this little jam, and the next day (June 21, 2019) I re-recorded it on my computer, along with the drums and bass, and added the second part of the song (which I noticed that is a rip-off of Explosions in the Sky's Your Hand in Mine).

Click here to listen to Winter.

June 24, 2021 - I just created my first Bandcamp profile!

In case you want to support my music, you can buy my first EP from Bandcamp. Includes a bonus track, and the handwritten lyrics of each song in PDF format.

For now only my first EP is uploaded, but I hope soon to be able to upload more of my songs (if I finally decide to finish them). If you want to listen to more of my songs (mainly demos) you can do it on my YouTube channel.

Link to my Bandcamp