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19/11/2023 new blog entry: My Favorite Films From the 38th Mar del Plata International Film Festival

09/22/2023 new links added to the sites section.

01/01/2023 Updated various pages:

  • Added my favorite albums of 2023 to the albums page.
  • Added the Hallogallo Zine site to the sites page.
  • Created a new updates page.

12/31/2022 new blog entry: My Favorite Albums from 2022

12/30/2022 new blog entry: My Favorite Movies from 2022

12/01/2022 new blog entry: My Favorite TV Shows from 2022

12/01/2022 updated interesting sites page:

  • Added a list of interesting Subreddits and YouTube channels

12/01/2022 updated about page:

  • New profile picture
  • Added Quentin Dupieux as a favorite director

12/01/2022 updated favorite albums of each year page:

  • Alvvays - Blue Rev (2022)
  • Gwenno - Tresor (2022)

11/20/2022 added Interview with Stephin Merritt:

10/08/2022 updated private page:

  • Added new pics
  • Added a new video to the Desktop

10/08/2022 updated about page:

  • Added links to my music

10/08/2022 updated art page:

  • Added sticker designs
  • Added SoundCloud link

03/16/2022 updated private page:

  • Added new Instagram Posts
  • Added a bunch of songs to the Spotify.exe
  • You can now change the Wallpaper. It features differents designs depending if you are on Desktop or Mobile
  • You can now play the games 'Earthworm Jim 2' and 'Prehistorik 2'
  • Updated the Dr. Watson database for a better experience

03/09/2022 updated art page: added new posters designs, photos, and more.

03/09/2022 updated favorite albums page:

  • Various artists: Ocean Child: Songs of Yoko Ono (2022)
  • Nala Sinephro: Space 1.8 (2021)
  • Voka Gentle: WRITHING! (2021)
  • Cassandra Jenkins: An Overview on Phenomenal Nature (2021)
  • Self Esteem: Prioritise Pleasure (2021)
  • toe: New Sentimentality (2006)

09/30/21 updated 'Private' page:
I added new songs, photos, Instagram posts, and a video. I also removed the password protection, so what are you waiting to enter? Hurry before I change my mind!

08/20/21 updated favorite albums year by year page:
Analord Series by AFX, Dear God, I Hate Myself by Xiu Xiu and Is This It by The Strokes

08/20/21 added new poster design:
Depeche Mode: Songs of Faith and Devotion

07/17/21 new blog entry:
Born on a Train cover on YouTube!

07/02/21 new blog entry:
Original song "Smell of Rain" on YouTube

06/30/21 new blog entry:
"Born on a Train" demo preview

06/29/21 updated favorite albums

06/28/21 updated favorite albums

06/26/21 new blog entry:
New song "The Way"

06/26/21 updated art made by me

06/25/21 new blog entry:
New demo-track "Winter" on YouTube!